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Crop-flower attractiveness for wild and managed bees

Crop-flower attractiveness

for wild and managed bees – global assesment


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Dr. Anne-Christine Mupepele

Dr. Felix Fornoff

Prof. Dr. Alexandra Maria Klein

Mihail-George Petre




Yield of pollinator-dependent crops increases with flower visitations by pollinators. The attractiveness of crops for pollinators, such as wild and managed bees, is therefore an important indicator of how many pollinators can be expected to visit the flowers. The mutualistic flower-visitor interaction also benefits the visitor. Hence flower attractiveness may indicate to what extend crops support local bee populations. An evaluation of flower attractiveness for all crops shall guide future crop rotations or synergistic spatio-temporal arrangements of agricultural areas.

The project, applies an expert elicitation to identify how attractive crops are to wild and managed bees based on all crops listed by the FAO. Link


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