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Department Head: 

Prof. Dr. Alexandra-Maria Klein
phone:+49 (0)761 203-67770



Mrs. Ilona Winkler
phone:+49 (0)761 203-3635
fax:+49 (0)761 203-3638


Chair of Nature Conservation
& Landscape Ecology
University of Freiburg
Tennenbacher Str. 4
D-79106 Freiburg




Ground-nesting wild bee survival in disturbed soils

Ground-nesting wild bee survival in disturbed soils:

towards a more evidence-based conservation



Dr. Anne-Chirstine Mupepele


University of Freiburg


September 2021 -  April 2023


BW Land

Margarete von Wrangell Habilitation Programm für Frauen

University of Freiburg

The current knowledge of ground-nesting wild bee survival after soil disturbance will be synthesised and experimental studies in flower strips will further contribute to our knowledge. In a field experiment, the effects of tillage in flower strips on wild bees will be analysed. The results will be linked to conservation with the additional aim to identify how practitioners look for scientific evidence and what they perceive as relevant to inform their actions, e.g. for the conservation of wild bees.



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