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Prof. Dr. Alexandra-Maria Klein
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Mrs. Ilona Winkler
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Chair of Nature Conservation
& Landscape Ecology
University of Freiburg
Tennenbacher Str. 4
D-79106 Freiburg




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Dr. Gesine Pufal

Pufal_Gesine_2016 Gesine Pufal
phone: +49 (0) 761-203 67771
Room No. 03097 



I am interested in plant-animal interactions and how these processes affect ecosystems. My main focus is on seed predation and seed dispersal by smaller animals, i.e. woodlice, snails or beetles (project: Phenotypic and behavioral plasticity in seed dispersal interactions). I also want to know how biodiversity (i.e. plant diversity or arthropod diversity) affects ecosystem processes such as seed predation and dispersal (project: Seed predation and seed dispersal along an urban-rural gradient) and how anthropogenic disturbances influences biodiversity and ecosystem functions (project: Effects of anthropogenically distributed antibiotics on plants and plant-insect interactions). I find it especially important to share novel scientific findings with the general public and therefore I try to find new avenues and opportunities to actively involve society in our research.




04 2020-

01 2021

Junior Fellow at the Freiburg Institute of Advanced Studies - FRIAS

08 2019 -

03 2020

Maternity leave and parental leave
since 2013Lecturer/postdoc at the Chair of Nature Conservation and Landscape Ecology, Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources, University of Freiburg
2011 - 2013Postdoc in the working group ecosystem functions at Leuphana University of Lüneburg (ProScience Scholarship)
2007 - 2010PhD in Ecology and Biodiversity at Victoria University of Wellington,  New Zealand (NZIDR Scholarship)
 PhD thesis: „The Evolution and ecology of hygrochastic capsule dehiscence” with Phil Garnock-Jones and Ken G. Ryan
1999 - 2005Studies in biology at the University of Rostock
 Diploma thesis: "Influences on the fruit set of Cheiridopsis imitans and Leipoldtia schultzei under different land use conditions" with Stefan Porembski and Norbert Jürgens




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2007 - 2010

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