Department Head: 

Prof. Dr. Alexandra-Maria Klein
phone:+49 (0)761 203-67770



Mrs. Ilona Winkler
phone:+49 (0)761 203-3635
fax:+49 (0)761 203-3638


Chair of Nature Conservation
& Landscape Ecology
University of Freiburg
Tennenbacher Str. 4
D-79106 Freiburg




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Dr. Simone Fontana

Simone_Fontana4.jpg Simone Fontana
phone: +49 (0)761 203-67787                        
Room No. office 03096


Research & Publications

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since 2020

Lecturer/postdoc at the Chair of Nature Conservation and Landscape Ecology, Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources, University of Freiburg


  • Perrin, W., Fontana, S., Coq, S., Berlioz, L., Jay-Robert, P. & Moretti, M. (2021): The influence of fine-scale grazing heterogeneity on dung beetle assemblages: What trait analysis teaches us. Environmental Entomology 50: 1332-1343. Lin
  • Fontana, S., Rasmann, S., de Bello, F., Pomati, F. &  Moretti, M. (2021): Reconciling trait based perspectives along a trait-integration continuum. Ecology 102: e03472. Link
  • Moretti, M., Fontana, S., Carscadden, K.A. & MacIvor, J.S. (2021): Reproductive trait differences drive offspring production in urban cavity-nesting bees and wasps. Ecology and Evolution 11: 9932-9948. Link
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