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Prof. Dr. Alexandra-Maria Klein
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Mrs. Ilona Winkler
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Chair of Nature Conservation
& Landscape Ecology
University of Freiburg
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Dr. Bernhard Eitzinger

 Bernhardc.JPGBernhard Eitzinger
phone: +49 (0) 761 203 -3643
Room No. 03104


Research &  Projects

I am interested in the structure of animal communities and how these are shaped by environmental factors and biological processes, such as predator-prey interactions. My research focus is on arthropods (i.e. insects, spiders and their allies) which constitute the largest and most diverse animal group and which are heavily affected by habitat change and global warming. In my last projects, I studied feeding interactions of centipedes in forests of different management intensity and wolf spiders in the Greenlandic Tundra, a region which is undergoing massive transformation processes due to climate change.

Currently is the focus on the global decline in arthropods, also dubbed the "insect armageddon". Greenland, similar to the situation in Europe, is experiencing a massive decrease of insect abundance and diversity, yet the mechanism behind this decline have not been identified and we still don’t know about the consequences.





since 2018
Postdoc, visiting researcher at the University of Freiburg, Chair of Nature Conservation and Landscape Ecology , University of Freiburg
2015 - 2018
Research fellow at the University of Helsinki, Department of Agricultural Sciences with Tomas Roslin; study of structure and dynamics of Arctic invertebrate food webs in Northeast- Greenland (Zackenberg); research fellowship by German Research Foundation DFG from April 2016 to April 2018
2009 - 2015
Research fellow at the University of Göttingen, Institute of Zoology and Anthropology with Stefan Scheu; participation in the “Biodiversity Exploratories”-project of the German Research Foundation (subproject “LitterLinks”)
2009 - 2013
PhD studies Biodiversity and Ecology at the University of Göttingen, title of PhD thesis: “Molecular analysis of centipede predation" (Advisor Prof. Dr. Stefan Scheu)
Research fellow at the Technische Universität Darmstadt, Institute of Zoology with Stefan Scheu; participation in the “Biodiversity Exploratories”-project of the German Research Foundation (subproject “LitterLinks“)
2001 - 2008
Studies of Biology (Zoology) at the University of Innsbruck, title of diploma thesis: „Molekulare Analyse von trophischen Beziehungen innerhalb einer herbst- und winteraktiven Invertebratengemeinschaft" (Advisor PD. Dr. Michael Traugott)




  • Bluhm, S.L., Eitzinger, B., Ferlian, O., Bluhm, C., Schröter, K., Pena, R., Maraun, M. & Scheu, S. (2019): Deprivation of root-derived resources affects microbial biomass but not community structure in litter and soil. PLoS ONE 14: e0214233. Link
  • Eitzinger, B., Abrego, N., Gravel, D., Huotari, T., Vesterinen, E.J. & Roslin, T. (2018): Assessing changes in arthropod predator–prey interactions through DNAbased gut content analysis—variable environment, stable diet Molecular Ecology 28: 266-280. Link


more publications see Link

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